Valemount, Gateway to Mount Robson Park and Jasper National Park

Nestled between 3 mountain ranges is Valemount the ideal starting point for your Rocky Mountain adventue: 2hours north of Wells Gray park und 1 hr 20 min west from Jasper, in every direction an easy ride to the mayor attractions, like Berg Lake Trail or the Icefield Parkway! But perhaps the best place for your outdooractivities! We like to help you to organizing your special day, but the awarded Visitor Center in town is the place to ask!!

Golf or fishing

Close to town (2min) the 9 hole golf course it attracts with reasonable rates.

Fishing or boating is possible on/at the Fraser River or the Kimbasket Lake (10 km south east)


Helimagic (2km north of town) is flying to Berg Lake (Friday and Monday) or to your very special own adventure in the surrounding mountains.


Its only 40km to the Berg Lake Trailhead. But more trails on every level offers Valemount from birdwatching (Cranberry Marsh) to more difficult backcountry hikes (Mc Kirdy Meadows).

Whitewater rafting or gentle tours are offered on the Fraser River from 2 companies in Tete Jaune (20km north).

Horsebackriding or Mountainbiking

The Willow Ranch at the end from Cranberry Lake Road  offering riding trips from a couple hours, to half day or day trips.

Since 2016 Valemount has a brandnew professional designed and build Mountain Bike Park. There is a bike rental and a shuttleservice (weekends) in town.